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  • 01`Students must come school in time. Late comers will be sent back home.
  • 02Students must wear the school uniform when they are in the campus.
  • 03No books, magazines, etc, other than the prescribed syllabus, should be brought to school.
  • 04Going to wash rooms, or any such habitual movement from the class in intervals is restricted.
  • 05Students are required to be refined in manners, habits of obedience, neatness, and punctuality
  • 06Students coming to school by their own transport should arrive at school before the first bell
  • 07Being a co-ed school, students must behave in a manner which brings a good name to the school
  • 08Student must take care of the school property. If any damage is caused by a student, he'll be fined
  • 09Keep the class room and campus neat and clean. Always throw the waste materials into the dustbin.
  • 10Students allotted with responsibilities (e.g., moitor) should be a role model in their overall behavior
  • 11English is encouraged to be spoken in the school premises to acquire greater ease in the study of the language and use it as a medium to comprehend other subjects easily
  • 12Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the school. Students, if caught with the cell phones, will have to face strict disciplinary action including suspension and fine
  • 13A written apology will be demanded by the school authorities for the willful breach of discipline both from the pupil as well as parent as a pre-requisite.
  • 14Bringing fireworks/explosives or splashing color/mobiles/iPods/pen drives/CD's etc in school premise is strictly forbidden. Doing that can result in expulsion from the school
  • 15Irregular attendance, disobedience of authority, lack of sufficient improvement in studies or conduct after several warnings, violation of rules in exams, are sufficient reasons for dismissal of a student.
  • 16Children should not bring any valuable articles like expensive watches, jewelry etc to school, any violation to this will subject to disciplinary action decided by the school administration. In case of any loss of articles, the school shall not undertake any responsibility for the loss
  • 17Student is permitted to celebrate his/her birthday by wearing color dress, strictly formal one which aligns with the school decorum. Student may distribute simple toffees/chocolates to their classmates, if they so desire. No cutting of cakes or distribution of giftspermitted..