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All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.

काम ही काम, ना खेल ना आराम;
फिर कैसे चमके चिपटूराम

A balanced scheme of studies and recreation is the proper way to shape up the student's mind and personality. We, at Hillman Public School, stress on Co-curricular activities so as to revitalize the mind’s inborn abilities.

These activities not only exhibit the inner capabilities of a child, but also open many paths for him to get him select his own way for the future. A list offew co-curricular activities offered in the school is here:

1. Art & Craft
2. Music, Dance & Drama
3.Sports, Games & Yoga
4.Cultural Events
5.Essay writing Competition
6.Hin/Eng Writing Competition
7.Science,Math & Eco Models
8.Events on Important Days
9.Drawing, Rangoli & Collage Competitions
10.Hindi & English Debate Competitions
11.Seminars & Workshops